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Roof Restoration

Tiles – Concrete tiles deteriorate over time loosing their glossy coating, increasing the likelihood of dirt & grim to stick to your roof & water to remain where it shouldn’t.  We fully restore your concrete tiled roof by cleaning, replacing, re-bedding (if needed) re-pointing, repairing & resealing all of your concrete tiles, with a minimum of 2 undercoats & a top coat (2 top coats if tiles are porous) with specialized heat resistant rubberized roof paint, guaranteed to last 10 years, in the colour of your choice.  Giving you a new looking, functioning & durable roof.

Tin – We can fully restore your tin roof, replacing any worn & rusted screws & full sheets of damaged tin if needed, cleaned & painted, bringing your roof up looking & performing like new.

Terracotta – Terracotta is 1 of our specialties, these roofs may often be more difficult to work on as the clay tiles are more brittle, slippery & in general have a higher pitch.  We clean & treat your clay tiles with a specialized solution to remove moss & fungus, bringing the tile up to their natural colour.  Then apply a clear glaze which acts like a sealant to prevent further moss & growth, leaving your terracotta roof looking shiny & new.

AsbestosDon’t waste your money on removing your old asbestos roof.  We do not pressure clean the asbestos as it disturbs the fibers, rather clean by using an acid wash & broomming. Then followed by spraying to encapsulate fibers by applying a high penetrating primer to bind unstable fibers & finishing off with a rubberized roof paint in your choice of colour.

Slate – With experience working with the many different slate roofs both natural & man made.  We source your specific tile to replace any damaged tiles & either clean then seal with a clear glaze to maintain the natural colour or paint with your choice of colour.

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