Full Roof Restoration & Workmanship


  • Improved Roofing guarantee that the paint coating will be free from defects* for a period of 10 years from the date of application of the coating. (Defects* peeling & blistering)
  • Improved Roofing will inspect & repair any defects that appear within the coating within the first 5 years at no cost to the home owner.
  • Improved Roofing will inspect & repair any defects that appear in the coating after the first 5 years & before 10 years with our company supplying all coating & material & the home owner paying the cost of the labor.
  • Improved Roofing guarantees that the leaks in the roof that occur within the first 12mths of the restoration will be repaired at the expense of Improved Roofing providing that the leak is a result of the previous work carried out by Improved Roofing.
  • The above guarantees do not cover any damage, leaks or defects* caused by structural or substrate faults, plumbing defects, building or roof defects, acts of God, objects being placed or falling on the roof or interference of the roof or coatings by persons other than Improved Roofing. If the roof has been misused, neglected, lack of reasonable maintenance or accidental damage.
  • This guarantee is given in good faith upon completion of the full roof restoration to customers that have upheld their obligations with regard to full payment for work carried out.
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